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Self-driving tour of hot springs in western Canada 6 days 5 nights

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● Staying in 3 different style hot spring resorts
● Watching the lakeside scenery and enjoy Canadian hot springs
● Drive by car and explore the Okanagan Valley and the Kutney Mountains
● Have fun with tourists' private home attractions and take you to take a rich picture of the journey.
● Arrange free time and enjoy this journey easily

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days 6 Day(s)


Driving by car to the inland of British Columbia, Canada, and take you to the Okanagan Valley, the winery's hometown, and the Kutney Mountains, a hideaway. After driving, go to the resort to enjoy the beautiful scenery and hot springs. Let the tourists take you to experience it for yourself and enjoy the beautiful self-driving trip!

DAY 1 Vancouver → Panticton

    Meet your guide at the airport on the first day, arrange car rental, and start a 6-day 5-night hot spring self-driving tour!

    We will start in Vancouver and follow Highway 1 all the way to the interior of British Columbia.


    Ole Tunnel

    The Ole Tunnel is located next to the small town of Hope. In the early 19th century, the Canadian government built a railway to connect the west coast of Canada with central Canada. The railway will penetrate three mountains and reduce the distance required to transport materials. It was considered to be the most complicated railway construction project at that time. After the establishment is completed, the mountains are often stopped in winter due to falling rocks and ice, and the maintenance cost is too high. The Ole Tunnel is a small part of the railway, which was renovated by the local government as a spectacular forest trail. Here, I will walk on a wooden bridge and pass through 3 tunnels. It is very suitable for leisure and taking pictures. It is one of the favorite punch points for locals.


    Okanagan Valley

    Continue east to the Okanagan Valley. The entire Okanagan Valley surrounds Lake Okanagan.

    Okanagan Lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and retains sufficient water and moisture in the middle of the valley. Therefore, it has become the most suitable region for growing grapes and other fruits in Canada's west coast. The entire Okanagan Valley has more than 400 large and small wineries. Today, the self-driving car will go south along the lake and enter the wine city Pandiketon.



    Pandy Kirton is one of the most beautiful cities in the Okanagan Valley. The city is close to the end of the lake. The unique scenery makes many resorts, wineries and restaurants

  • Breakfast / X Lunch / X Dinner / X
  • Accommodation :Penticton Lakeside Resort or similar
DAY 2 Penticton → Nelson → Stalactite Hot Spring
  • Osuyou Town

    The town of Osu is located at the southernmost tip of BC, and is the only area in BC with desert characteristics. Here you can see many animals and plants of special terrain. At the same time, this is the last stop of the Canadian winery. This is the residence of the Akanagan Sylix tribe. The whole town is divided into two halves by Osu Lake, and you can get a panoramic view of the town and the lake from the top of the mountain you pass by.

    Speckled lake

    Spotted Lake is located next to the quiet town of Osu. This lake has no endless lake view. Instead, it presents puddles one by one. Each puddle presents different colors due to different mineral composition. This is the famous local sacred place, known as the medicine lake in the aboriginal language. Legend has it that people who are sick of any kind can recover after soaking here overnight.

    Courtney Mountains

    After leaving the Okanagan Valley, you will enter the Kutney Mountains. Unlike the lively and refreshing Okanagan Valley, the Kutney Mountains are a quiet and relaxing feeling. The Kutney Mountains are known as the treasures of British Columbia, and are more desirable to locals than the Banff National Park next door. Before entering the Kutni Mountains, you need to drive a curved mountain road by yourself, as if you were entering the mountains before the ceremonies.


    Stalactite Hot Spring

    Stalactite Hot Spring is located at the southern tip of the Kutney Mountains and is one of the most special hot springs in British Columbia. The spring water is located in the cave. You can explore the mysterious stalactite cave while enjoying the Canadian hot springs, so that the warm currents from the hot springs will wash away the fatigue of driving.

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  • Accommodation :The Sentinel 或同級 or similar
DAY 3 Day trip to Nelson or optional activities

    Arrange free activities today, you can easily play Nelson Town with your team leader. You can also participate in outdoor activities and enjoy the charm of the Courtney Mountains.


    Optional activity:

    1. Nelson Day Trip (Free)  The guide will lead you to visit the art market in Nelson Town, taste the town's food, explore the history of the town, and rent a boat to spend a relaxing afternoon on the lake.

    2. Cave Adventure (CAD 110 / person)

      1. The professional team leader will lead the members to the cave in the Kutni Mountains, change their equipment, and follow the team leader's pace to explore the cave. The whole body will be used to travel between the caves during the itinerary. Please be careful not to wear dirty clothes and prepare for adventure!

    3. Rafting (CAD 90 / person)

      1. Follow the professional team leader to the Courtney River. Meet the team members, challenge the turbulent river, meet new friends on an exciting boat trip, and conquer the Kutney River together. This tour requires a minimum of 6 people to start the tour. The number of people will be judged according to the day.

    4. Rope Adventure (CAD 100 / person)

      1. 6 different ropes will be boarded on a cliff 95 meters high from the ground, and the total distance will be more than 1600 meters. On the way, it will pass through different terrains such as forests, mountains, rivers, cliffs, cliffs and so on. It is one of the most popular activities in the small town of Nelson. Why not try it out and enjoy the feeling of a trapeze!



  • Breakfast / Resort Breakfast Lunch / X Dinner / X
  • Accommodation :The Sentinel 或同級 or similar
DAY 4 Caslow → New Denver → Nakus Town → Hagen Resort & Spa

    New Denver

    During World War II, Canada concentrated all local Japanese in New Denver, and established the only Japanese concentration camp on the west coast of Canada in New Denver. Although it is a concentration camp, it is more like a small Japanese community. Schools, houses, canteens, hospitals, etc. The Japanese here can still live their rights and lives. Fully highlight the nature of peace in Canada. The Japanese who settled here after the war were repatriated to their hometowns, and the Canadian government left some of the remains to give later travelers the opportunity to learn about the life of the Japanese people in Canada.

    Naxos Town

    The town of Nakus is located at the northwestern tip of the Kutni Mountains. It is an aboriginal town. The European colonies were stationed here when they came. Naqus is also known as the Peace Haven. Residents transport goods and trade with other towns through the Arrow Lake next to the town. The town of Nakus is also another major hot spring resort in the Kutni Mountains. Here you can soak in the hot springs and enjoy the beauty of Arrow Lake. Compared with other areas, people are sparsely populated, and you can fully enjoy the quiet and natural time.

    Hagen Resort Spa

    The resort is located in the northern part of the town of Nakus. In addition to the hot springs next to the town, Hagen Resort also has its own hot spring area. Passengers can come in at any time to enjoy VIP services. You can also book massage services such as SPA! In this resort we will stay in wooden cabins. According to the needs of tourists, we can arrange wooden cabins of different room types for 2-8 people. Relax in this forest cabin and enjoy this resort!

  • Breakfast / Resort Breakfast Lunch / X Dinner / X
  • Accommodation :Halcoyn Hotspring 度假木屋 or similar
DAY 5 Hagen Resort Hot Springs → Grizzly Town → Feinong → Crystal Hot Spring Resort

    Grizzly Town

    Grizzly Town is a major town on the Canadian Railways. At that time, when the Canadian government established the Trans-Canada Railway, it once faced bankruptcy due to the inability of funds to flow. It was the local government of Grizzly Town that provided financial assistance to continue the plan. Since then, a railway museum has been established in the town to express gratitude.

    Grizzly Town is one of Canada's most famous ski resorts. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains are a paradise for ski lovers. There are many local restaurants in the town. We will have lunch in Grizzly Town and give free time to wander around the town and feel the style of the town.

    Crystal Hot Spring Resort

    After leaving Grizzly Town, go west along Ganlu Lake to the Crystal Hot Spring Resort tonight. The entire resort is built from 3.5 million crystals and is one of the top resorts in Canada. In addition to enjoying the beautiful lake view in the bathtub in the room, travelers who stay in the resort can also experience 7 different saunas and 4 baths with different water temperatures in the public bath. Massage and mud bath services are available at the resort at an additional cost. If you want to order, please remember to ask the leyo to help you book in advance!


    Self-pay massage service (need to book in advance)

    • Kurspa selected full body massage (60 minutes / CAD 137)

    • Mud bath (60 minutes / CAD 137)

    • Sports massage (60 minutes / CAD 142)

    • Single-site massage (30 minutes / CAD 79)

    • Granulated oil massage (45 minutes / CAD 79)

    * The above price includes tax except tip

  • Breakfast / Resort Breakfast Lunch / X Dinner / X
DAY 6 Crystal Hot Spring Resort → Vancouver


    Kelowna is located in the city below the Crystal Hotel. It is the most important city in the Okanagan Valley arriving on the first day and the second largest city in British Columbia. Kelowna ’s main economic source is also wine. There are more than 20 wineries here. Before returning to Vancouver, we will lead you to visit several famous wineries.

    Chapel Hill Winery

    Chapel Hill Winery is one of the most famous wineries in Kelowna. Even Prince William of England came to Canada and did not forget to check in here. The wines of Chapel Hill winery have won several competition awards. The Pinot Noir red wine and the Riesling white wine produced here are both popular products of the winery. In addition to wine, they also make Canadian ice wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and other different wines. Even travelers who do n’t like wine can take photos at Chapel Hill Winery. All kinds of art statues and special architectural designs are placed throughout the winery. Many locals will choose to host weddings and concerts here!

    Kangaroo farm

    Don't think that only Australia can see kangaroos. We can also see kangaroos in Kelowna! We will go to the mini farm to personally interact, feed, and take photos with kangaroos. In addition to kangaroos, you can also see the most popular capybara, goats, piglets and parrots! This farm is an open park. We will walk into the fence and get in touch with animals at a short distance. Hurry up and cherish the opportunity to interact with the cute little animals ~

    After lunch, drive back to Vancouver, return the car at Vancouver Airport, and end the 6-day 5-night hot spring self-driving tour.

  • Breakfast / Resort Breakfast Lunch / X Dinner / X

Cost Included


  1. Cheng Resort Accommodation

  2. Daily breakfast

  3. Car rental

  4. Multiple drivers

  5. Car insurance

  6. Unlimited kilometers

  7. Car rental on the 6th

  8. Chinese leader

  9. Tickets for the activities mentioned in the itinerary

  10. Tax

Cost not Included


  1. Transportation to and from Vancouver Airport

  2. Optional

  3. Meals other except breakfast

  4. Tip for the tourist guide (10 CAD / day recommended)

  5. Personal travel insurance

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